Welcome to Rising Roll Gourmet Café in Houston (Greenspoint), TX

There's really one thing that defines us here at Rising Roll Gourmet Café: we want to see smiles on customer faces.

Sure, sure, you say. Doesn't everyone?

You'd think so. You'd think that would be table stakes, but think again: how many times have you walked into a restaurant to witness nearly every patron chewing absentmindedly, staring blankly into space? We'd guess quite a few times.

There's actually a good reason for it.

Let's say the three aspects of a great weekday breakfast or lunch are
1. Easy
2. Healthy
3. Tasty

The running bet most places make is that — when pressed for time or good alternatives — you'll settle for two out of three. So that's what they offer.

We find that kind of tough to swallow.

It's why we started our little café-and-cater business back in 2003. We don't think it's right to make folks settle for "just okay." We don't ourselves, and we don't make our customers, either. It's downright dehumanizing.
"We thrive and are honored to serve fresh made food to our customers while supporting the communities that we serve."

Because rightly made, breakfast and lunch can appeal to every one of our senses: the crunch of fresh lettuce, the salty savor of chef-selected hickory smoked bacon, the texture of just-baked multigrain bread, the aroma of melted premium butter or select cheese, the vibrant hues of sliced citrus hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, or the smell of never frozen antibiotic and steroid free chicken on the grill. We're made to delight in these things. They bring us back to life; they animate us; they bring us back to ourselves.

Yes, breakfast and lunch can be an escape. And that's a good thing. In the best moments, though, we think it's a perfect opportunity to return…to who we really are. What we're about.

So, really: what is Rising Roll Gourmet Café about?

We're about to make breakfast and lunch. Hope you're hungry.